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Armchair Podcast Productions - Marketing Outline
Below is a real-world example of the marketing reach of a podcast series we are launching this quarter for Travel Oregon. We hope it will hopefully provide a bigger picture view of what a full podcast production and marketing campaign with Armchair Productions would look like.

Creation of an immersive audio documentary series as an effective new way to connect with travellers
Creation of a new travel itinerary launched in conjunction with the podcast
Achieve Travel Oregon’s 2023 goals of highlighting local guides, sustainability and unforgettable experiences
Utilise podcasts and new itineraries for direct-to-consumer marketing
Enhance Travel Oregon’s website with highlight audio clips placed alongside traditional write ups
Enhance website of preferred tour operators and local partners
Enhance traditional print brochure with QR codes that link to the podcast
Tie in traditional print and online articles using the hook of the new podcast and itinerary
Create a new and unique marketing tool to promote the destination to the international travel trade  
Educate Sales Specialists on the destination
Provide new sales tool for sales agents
Creation of specific audio marketing assets such as audiograms, bucket list clips, show trailer, video trailer and more for social and digital campaigns
Create additional multi-lingual versions of the episodes (in this case German) to hook multiple markets with one production
Establish marketing partnerships with UK and German tour operators and travel sellers on specific campaigns to promote the new itinerary and podcast

Beyond the creation of the Travel Oregon podcast, AP crafted a targeted podcast marketing strategy to enhance Travel Oregon’s campaigns. Below you’ll also find the expected reach associated with specific activities.
Complimentary full episode ‘feed drop’ feature on in-house show Armchair Explorer, part of the American Public Television Network. Direct downloads across three-episode series 50,000+
Distribution to all podcast hosting companies (Apple, Spotify, Amazon, etc.), including reporting of demographic analytics. Direct downloads estimated at 15,000+ year 1. These numbers would put the podcast in the top 10% of podcasts worldwide. See Engagement Statistics below to gauge parity between other forms of content. Evergreen content so will continue to grow and offer value in perpetuity.
Airline Distribution: Complimentary distribution via AP studio label  ‘Exploring Destinations’ travel podcast series to global airlines in-flight entertainment with media partner ANUVU, potential reach 1,000,000+.
Airlines currently include Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Vietnam Airways, EVA, Fiji Airways. We are actively working to expand that network and all clients will be included in perpetuity free of charge.
Facilitated additional exposure for Oregon podcast and new travel product with AP’s strategic marketing partner Wanderlust, for multi-level campaign. Potential reach 85,000+ subscribers, 700,000 + unique monthly users, 125,000+ social media followers.

Episode feed drops 3rd party podcasts. Estimated audience of 30,000+

Podcast Downloads: 100,000+
Inflight Listeners: potential audience of 1,000,000+
Media Partnerships: Articles 10,000+, Social 125,000+
Travel Oregon & Partners Direct Reach: 50,000+

The power of podcast marketing is its high engagement. Listener numbers are traditionally lower than website/social metrics, but the time of engagement is far higher. Because of this it can be hard to quantify ROI compared to other marketing platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.

Below is an algorithm that helps achieve this. We simply multiply average listening time per episode by the number of downloads of that episode. This results in a total amount of hours engaged in that content. This number is then compared to the average viewing time of other marketing platforms multiplied by the number of followers. As a result, we have a quantifiable way to compare engagement levels across multiple platforms.

PODCASTS: Average listening time per episode = 30mins (based on average podcasts length and consumption time). 10,000 listeners therefore has an engagement time of 300,000 minutes, or 5,000 hours

VIDEO: Average YouTube viewing time is 50-60% of video length. The average travel YouTube video is roughly 5mins. Therefore, viewing time per follower is 2.5mins. To reach 5,000 hours of engagement that video would need to receive roughly 120,000 views

SOCIAL: Average social media viewing time per post = 2.5 seconds. To reach 5,000 hours of engagement that post would need to reach roughly 7,000,000 followers.

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