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Marketing & 


Your customers are using podcasts to research destinations, soon your competitors will too. Starting now gives you the early adopter advantage.



80 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly, that’s 10 million more than have Netflix accounts.



Podcast’s have a compound annual growth between 2019-2023 pegged at 17%



Branded podcasts show 89% higher awareness of products.



67% of podcast audiences are made up of people between 18 and 44 years old.



81% of podcast listeners say they pay more attention to podcasts than radio, TV, billboards, digital & social media ads.



60% of listeners have purchased something from a podcast ad.


Armchair Productions can create a range of audio marketing content for use on your website, social media and digital advertising, from animated audiograms and full show trailers to individual clips and players that can be embedded into web pages, newsletters and more.



Launch your official podcast across all major distribution channels. (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Etc)


Add to your website to create a three-dimensional multi-media experience.


Create short 15/30/60 sec audio-grams for social media sharing.

SEO & Google

Increase SEO and Google Search rankings for key words.

Spread the word

Send to partners & your newsletter subscribers to provide value and spread the word. 


Opportunity for print/online written

word tie-ins.

Why it matters

Audio is a compelling way to tell stories, arguably more than the written word. It is more intimate; it can use in-field sound to create an immersive experience; music can be added to enhance emotional impact; and expert and local voices can be included to provide additional depth and character. 

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content: Creating compelling individual episodes are a similar investment to hosting journalists, however you get the added benefit that you own the content, and it’s evergreen, so will continue to grow and get exposure in perpetuity.

Longer Engagement

Audio is a good bet. It is the only medium in which you can multi-task so it is here to stay! Because of that people engage for longer. Podcast listeners engage for 30-45mins on average, more than 5x as long as destination videos.

Cost + Time Effective

Audio is less costly to produce than video, and easier to get potential visitors to engage with because they can multi-task. It’s asking less of their time, but you are getting more of their attention.

Promotional Value

Promotional Value: Based on download numbers a 30 min episode has a relative promotional value of $750cpm ($25cpm x 30x1min segments) = > $7500 per episode (based on 10,000 downloads).

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